Need a hand with your levels?

We have the tools for you!

WaveRider is the ultimate volume control plugin.

Back in 2009, we introduced the "Rider Plugin" concept to the world with WaveRider. Since then, it has become an indispensable tool of choice in studios around the globe. Be it vocal, dialog, voice over, bass or other instruments, you'll find mixing with WaveRider a breeze. Read more here.

Meet Defaulter, the clip gain normalizer for ProTools. Now with RMS option!

Defaulter is a clip gain normalizer Audio Suite plugin for ProTools 10, 11, 12. It brings the clip gain up or down to meet user set peak levels. It also has a threshold adjustment to ignore clips below required levels. A perfect companion for WaveRider.

Make sure to check Catchin' SYNC out. It is our IOS app that helps you determine and fix audio / video sync issues in your playback system.